Private Agreement In Italiano

In some countries, including the United States, Belgium and the Netherlands, the matrimonial agreement provides not only for what happens in the event of a divorce, but also to protect certain properties during marriage, for example in the event of bankruptcy. Many countries, including Canada, France, Italy and Germany, have marital rules, in addition to or in some cases instead of marriage agreements. Premarital mediation is another way to create a conjugal arrangement. In this process, a mediator facilitates an open discussion between the couple on all kinds of marriage issues, such as expectations regarding post-birth work and savings and spending styles, as well as traditional pre-marital discussions on real estate sharing and spousal assistance when the marriage is over. The engaged couple makes all decisions about what would happen in the event of separation or divorce with the help of the mediator. They then design either a memorandum of agreement or a pre-marital agreement and have them checked by their respective lawyers. A developed agreement on mediation is usually cheaper because fewer hours are spent with lawyers, because the couple made all the decisions together, instead of one side against the other. [Citation required] Parties may waive disclosure beyond what is expected and there is no certification requirement, but this is good practice. There are special requirements when the parties sign the agreement without a lawyer, and the parties must have an independent lawyer when they limit spousal assistance (also known as simony or spousal support in other states). Parties must wait seven days after the pre-marital contract has been submitted for review for the first time before signing it, but it does not need to happen a number of days before the marriage. [53] Prenups often take months to negotiate, so they should not be abandoned until the last minute (as people often do). If the pre-scheme requires a lump sum payment at the time of divorce, it can be assumed that it favours divorce. This concept has been attacked and counsel should be consulted to ensure that Prenup does not violate this provision.

[Citation required] Berlusconi, who is over 70 years old, does not go directly to prison, but can decide whether he wants to serve his one-year sentence either by house arrest in one of his private residences or by utilities. Since the gross prison sentence exceeds two years, the Severino law encourages the Italian Senate to vote if Berlusconi is forced to resign immediately from his current seat in the Senate or to bring into force the ban on public representation imposed by the court only at the end of his current legislature. The impending vote of the Senate, coupled with anger at Berlusconi`s conviction – a poll found that 42% of public opinion believe they have been unfairly persecuted by judges – represents a serious political challenge for the fragile government coalition. [224] On 3 August, Berlusconi proposed that Italy be „in danger of civil war“ if a solution to its difficult situation is not found. [225] The next day, thousands of supporters gathered outside his house to protest the verdict. [225] In November 2007, the Italian state-owned energy company, Eni, signed an agreement with the Russian state-owned Gazprom for the construction of the South Stream gas pipeline. [132] Italian MEPs have noted that Central Energy Italian Gas Holding (CEIGH), part of the Centrex group, should play an important role in this lucrative agreement.

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