Sbi Card Agreement

Please visit the for details on the conditions and conditions for collecting bonus points. The sum of the outstanding purchase, interest and tax charges, if any, and taxes due would be reflected as a total amount due in the May 2 return, provided that the cardholder does not make transactions between April 3, 16 and May 2, May 16, 16. 4. The offer is only available if you pay for it with a valid and non-expired Mastercard in India. There will be cases where we may ask you to provide us with confidential/sensitive information necessary to operate your account (for example. B mother`s maiden name, bank account numbers, date of birth, etc.) („Confidential information“). Unless necessary for the operation of your card or for accidental activity, this confidential information cannot be disclosed to third parties without your prior consent. Any changes to the rate plan are communicated by e-mail and are available on our website b) SBI Corporate Card does not offer a revolving credit facility to the cardholder. Total outstanding in a particular return must be paid in full to avoid penalties. 6.

LOSS/THEFT/MISUSE OF CARDa) The cardholder should contact SBICPSL as soon as possible via the SBI Card Helpline if the Corporate Card is transferred, lost, stolen, mutilated, does not receive if it is due or if he suspects that the Corporate Card is being used without the cardholder`s permission. Once a card has been declared lost, it should not be used if it is later found by the cardholder, and the cardholder must halve it diagonally. The cardholder can also block the card immediately, either on IVR or on our website or via PULL SMS. To block your lost/stolen card via PULL SMS, simply send SMS BLOCK XXXX up to 5676791 of your registered mobile phone number. (XXXX – The last 4 digits of your card number). If you do not receive a confirmation text message within 5 minutes of your request, you assume that the card has not been blocked. Please call the hotline to block and abuse your card immediately.b) The owner of the company and/or card must notify SBICPSL through one of the various channels to report unauthorized transactions that have taken place and/or the loss or theft of the card. SBICPSL is responsible for unauthorized electronic banking transactions only for and in accordance with customer protection instructions – Limiting customer liability in unauthorized electronic banking transactions. SBICPSL is not responsible for transactions made on the card account prior to notification of the loss of the SBICPSL card, and the holder or entity is fully responsible for the same thing, unless the loss to the customer is due to a SBICPSL default. The entity will not be held responsible for transactions made on the card after receiving written notification of loss/theft/abuse by SBICPSL. In addition to notifying SBICPSL of the loss or theft of the card, the cardholder must report any corporate card theft (s) to the police and file an FIR.

However, the cardholder is liable for any loss if a person receives and abuses the card or PIN with the cardholder`s consent.c) If the cardholder has cheated, the cardholder is responsible for all losses.

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