Uktf Draft Agreement

On 23 June 2016, the UK voted in a referendum to leave the EU. On 29 March 2017, Theresa May, then Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, wrote to european Council President Donald Tusk triggering Article 50 of the Treaty on European Union, triggering the process for a member state to leave the EU. The Article 50 procedure provides for a two-year period for the negotiation of a withdrawal agreement which should take into account future relations between the EU and the outgoing Member State. At the request of the United Kingdom, the Article 50 deadline was finally extended until 31 January 2020. On 17 October 2019, the EU and the UK agreed on the text of a withdrawal agreement, which was unanimously approved by the European Council. The draft agreement covers all areas of the negotiations. The most important thing for us is that the draft treaty contained provisions relating to the digital economy and data protection. These provisions ensure that the parties are committed to a high level of data protection and recognize the importance of promoting and protecting fundamental privacy and data protection rights. The parties also agree to cooperate at the bilateral and multilateral level (to the extent national legislation allows), which may include dialogue, exchange of expertise and cooperation in the application of personal data protection. On 18 March 2020, the EU published draft legislation. It covers all areas of negotiations, including trade and economic cooperation (with strong and fair conditions of competition for open and fair competition), law enforcement and judicial cooperation in criminal matters, participation in EU programmes and other thematic areas of cooperation.

A specific chapter on governance provides an overview of a general governance framework covering all areas of economic cooperation. The press release and draft treaty are available here. The EU`s chief negotiator, Michel Barnier, heads the task force. Here you will find information on the task force and its responsibilities, as well as important documents and news from the negotiations. The faithful implementation of the Protocol on Ireland and Northern Ireland is one of the main priorities of the EU and Ireland.

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