Agreement On 100 Rs Stamp Paper

Not legal, but after the seizure of the stamp, it can be examined by the court in this agreement, we mentioned that we cancel this agreement, so after 3 months, if the seller does not return my 15 lakhs, can I respond to him? 1. It seems that it is the same, and that it is valid if it is on the Rs.100 stamp paper, because the debt certificate does not require registration or certificate. If the client does not return the amount, you can bring an action for reimbursement on the basis of this agreement, which it considers as a receipt for the delivery of the consideration. 1. This is an agreement signed on a stamp document and valid under the law. 1. It looks like you made a deal to break the deal with him. This agreement must not be registered or recorded on a stamp document. It can be disconnected and on normal paper. 2.

If he does not agree with the agreement, you can take legal action for a given service against him in order to request the reimbursement of the amount. The agreements reached on the White Paper are valid. Thus, an agreement made on the 100 rupee stamp paper can certainly be valid if it meets all other legal and legal requirements. 3. However, it is advisable for you to have the aforementioned agreement notarily certified (preferably to reset the date). — Since you have entered into a written agreement with the seller in which he undertook to pay after three months of the Rs.16 lake if you give him possession of your occupied house. So, at least notarized, this agreement is for you. 2) it is not mandatory to be certified or registered on stamp or notarized paper 2. Oral agreements are also valid if their existence is proven. If the seller has entered into an agreement with you to refund the amount, try to obtain checks a posteriori for the period of his promise, including this agreement. The agreement to return to you the amount that has been executed in an extrajudicial seal document with witness witnesses is a valid agreement on the basis of which you can file a claim for reimbursement. 1.

Yes, you can bring an action against him to ask him to work specifically in accordance with the aforementioned agreement concluded by and between the two of you. However, if the agreement is to be stamped and registered, it cannot be used as evidence in court. . . .

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