Child Access Agreements

You can decide that both parents should have the same influence with each decision, or you can share the responsibilities. For example, one parent may be responsible for the child`s religious upbringing, while the other makes decisions about the child`s upbringing. 2. The parties shall have joint custody of the children. Both parents share the physical care, custody and control of the children in an appropriate manner between them, so that the children remain in frequent and continuous contact with both parents. J. In all other matters relating to the joint exercise of custody, parents may act alone as long as the remedy is not contrary to the injunctions relating to the physical custody of the children. 1) Each parent will take care of clothes for the children, so that the children will not be forced to exchange with additional clothes. The app allows you to track each parent`s real time with the kids and keep a journal about parenting and custody. You can use these and other tools if you ever have to change your agreement. F. Notification of the parent`s current address.

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