Data Processing Agreement WordPress

Any type of WordPress e-commerce solution is obviously strongly affected by the GDPR, as they collect sales data, personal information and user account data and have integrations with third-party liquidators. The GDPR gives EU people rights over their personal data. There are a few exceptions/exceptions to the rights granted by the GDPR, but in general it includes rights: the data you share with Automattic about yourself is covered by our Privacy Policy, which outlines Automattic`s obligations to manage your data in accordance with the GDPR. Some users, mostly businesses, use their website in a way where data about other people is shared with Automattic. Users are not tracked by MailPoet unless they choose to disclose data. More than baffled? 😦 Don`t worry, GDPR can be a lot to wrap your head around, and it`s a massive change in terms of personal data collection. If you`re worried about your own WordPress site, it may be advisable to invest in an expert GDPR audit, preferably one that works exclusively with WordPress. We recommend that you check GreyCastle Security`s GDPR audit. For example, a processing agreement may be established between an organization that would outsource its management of the pay slip to an external party.

In this case, the organization is the party responsible for the personal data. This means that the organization is responsible for the data. The external part (the payroll company) only uses the data to update the management of pay slips and is therefore the subcontractor. .

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