Rental Agreement Used In A Sentence

6. Within working days of the signing of this lease, Party B shall pay Party A the rental security corresponding to RMB; Party A undertakes to issue a receipt on the above-mentioned value. 2. In the present case, the period at the effective date of that lease was entirely uncertain. 10 before you start buying a house or apartment or signing a private lease, it is recommended to consult a lawyer. 5. Both parties must sign a provisional lease. 7. The supplementary rental agreement shall also have the same legal power as that contract. 8. Agricultural land may, for example, be subject to a lease or a grass farm. 11, From time to time, I was asked to deliver a lease. 1, There is a security measure built into the rental agreement that stipulates that the lessor must terminate you three months in advance.

4, Although your lease may be with the agent, many courts let the landlords recover the debt. 12, Sir, Mrs Roberts and Mr Tay, let me explain the terms of this lease. 9, What is the notice period for both sides to terminate the lease? 11. 3 On the other hand, in the case of a joint rental agreement, ownership is automatically transferred to the survivor. 13. The rent may not be increased during the term of the rental agreement. . . .


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