Share Entrustment Agreement

Secondly, with regard to the determination of the classification of a shareholder according to the principle of the legal relationship, the beneficial investor and the nominal shareholder, if they sign the participation agreement, can certainly agree on the rights and obligations of both parties, such as. Β the agreement on the date, the method of distribution of dividends and the exercise of voting rights. etc. However, the agreement is binding only on the contracting parties and has no automatic effect on the undertaking. The beneficial investor has a dispute with the nominal shareholder about the participation contract and wishes to receive dividends, so he needs evidence to demonstrate that the company has paid dividends to the anonymous shareholder. Nanjing Xibai announced on 30 December 27, 2014, a shareholder rights delegation agreement was concluded with our contracting parties in the PRC and relevant shareholders (the „Shareholder Rights Delegation Agreement“) under which the relevant shareholders irrevocably allowed Nanjing Xibai to exercise their shareholder rights in our contracting parties to the PRC, including participation in general meetings and the exercise of voting rights and dividends Rights to life. Nanjing Xibai has the right to exercise shareholder rights without consulting or obtaining the consent of the relevant shareholders. In addition, Nanjing Xibai has the right to allow other persons to exercise the rights of the shareholder to the extent authorized by the relevant shareholders. WeBloc Asia Inc.

(hereinafter referred to as „company“) entrusts the personal data collected by the user during the realization of a token generation event as described below. Consent for the delivery of the processing of personal data is required to sing for the company`s website. The retention period complies with the laws and regulations on the protection of personal data. But above all, it is necessary to be sure that the parties with whom they agree are very trustworthy people. reference is made to the company`s communication of 28 December 2017 concerning, inter alia, (i) the termination of agreements related to certain asset restructurings; (ii) the framework agreement on the establishment of JV; and (iii) the acquisition of minority interests in a subsidiary. All shareholders and other parties involved must be in full agreement on all points for the agreement to move forward. Related cases are the Fuzhou Tiance Industrial Co Ltd litigation against Fujian Weijie Investment Co Ltd Business Trust and the share transfer dispute, Yang Jinguo v Lin Jinkun, which were ruled by the Supreme Court in 2017. We can therefore establish the following facts: (1) The equity agreement may be ineffective even if it is only contrary to the provisions of the department or other non-binding legal provisions; 2. The risk of ineffectiveness of participation agreements relating to financial security and public interests shall be significantly increased; and (3) the listed company must strengthen upstream the clearing and standardization of the relationship of conferation of the holdings. .

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