Tess A Tenant Moves From Her Apartment In Breach Of The Lease Agreement

[29] [30] [31] Bruce Campbell called it in an interview with Craig Ferguson one of his favorite horror films, calling it the scariest film he has ever seen. [32] The film has an 88% certified Fresh rating on Rotten Tomatoes with 32 reviews. Steve Biodrowski, of Cinefantastique, writes: „THE TENANT lacks typical horror movie action: there are no monsters and there is little traditional tension. This is because the film does not operate with the kind of fear that most horror films exploit: the fear of death. Instead, THE TENANT focuses on an equally disturbing fear: loss of identity. [22] In his review of the film on The Regrettable Moment of Sincerity, Adam Lippe writes about Trelkovsky`s environment, which forms him as an echo of the past: „Polanski comes from a childhood occupied by the Nazis and undoubtedly takes advantage of his character`s identity crisis to illustrate society`s ability to shape and shape the singularity of its members, whether they like it or not. [10] Similarly, Dan Jardine of Apollo Guide writes: „Polanski seems to be studying how, in our isolated world, people are increasingly turning to their environment, sometimes to the point of integrating their individual identity into the world around them.

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